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Membership Guidelines

The Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education is set within the Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI) and its success will be driven by the efforts and achievements of its members. A key mission of the Mathison Centre is to improve our understanding of the early course, effective treatment and prevention of mental disorders in youth. This ensures their continued individual optimal growth, development and contribution to society. Our members compete for external and internal research grants, develop and participate in new collaborative, team-based projects, and drive research discovery and translation efforts. The Mathison Centre is integral to supporting and fostering these collaborative and research development initiatives. While the Mathison Centre provides resources, such as space and seed funding, the activities of our members, working together to advance our research and education mission, are the building blocks of the Centre. Membership is aligned with membership in the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, but requires a separate application. New and continuing appointments are approved by the Mathison Centre Executive Committee and are subject to periodic review.

 Full Membership Criteria

  • A current academic or clinical appointment at the University of Calgary (assistant, associate, or full professor)
  • Full membership in the Hotchkiss Brain Institute.
  • Membership in the University of Calgary Department of Psychiatry
  • A record of competitive research funding as a PI and peer-reviewed publications

 Full Membership Objectives

  • Support the vision of the Mathison Centre which is to reduce the burden of mental disorders.
  • Build a community of researchers and educators focused on excellence in early intervention and prevention of mental disorders through research and education
  • Maintain a network of expertise that enhances the success of our members and trainees
  • Ensure that the Mathison Centre resources are being efficiently utilized, to enhance our strategic priorities and fulfill our research and educational mission
  • Engage the community in prevention of mental disorders, early intervention and recovery through their work and participation in activities

 Full Membership Benefits

Members are eligible for all Mathison Centre support programs and resources, including:

  • Graduate studentships and post-graduate fellowships
  • Exchange and conference funding
  • Project funding opportunities through the Mathison Centre research and translational programs
  • Space in alignment with our strategic priorities, within the Centre footprint, availability and normal pratices in the Faculty of Medicine
  • Invitation, along with their trainees and research staff, to all Mathison Centre events
  • Opportunities to share knowledge and form trans-disciplinary partnerships with mental health researchers, decision-makers, and the communities they serve

 Full Membership Responsibilities

Have a primary interest in early intervention and prevention mental health research and/or education, with evidence of continuing scholarly contributions to the field

- Committed to contributing towards the Centre via:

  • Internal review of member grants
  • Mentorship for fellow members and trainees
  • Service on Mathison Centre Committees
  • Obtaining external grants and generating new knowledge with Centre's support
  • Assistance with Mathison Centre research, education, and community events
  • Commit to actively contributing towards the success of the Centre
  • Acknowledge the Centre in publications and posters
  • Participation in other activities supporting the Mathison Centre as required

 Associate Membership Criteria

  • An academic appointment at a university; including adjunct, research, and emeritus appointments
  • Have an interest in mental health research and education but have a primary interest or commitment outside of the Centre
  • If external to the University of Calgary, must by sponsored by a full Centre member
  • Are granted associate membership for a three-year term (renewable)

Associate Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity to attend Mathison Faculty meetings, which allows members to gain clinical perspectives on mental health research and teaching activities in the Centre and the Department of Psychiatry
  • Invited to internal Mathison Centre events
  • Opportunities to collaborate with mental health researchers from other disciplines

 Associate Membership Responsibilities

  • Expected to make an ongoing contribution to the research and education activities of the Centre, such as participation in collaborative projects, membership on graduate student review committees, and internal review of grant applications.
  • Not eligible for Centre funding, direct support, or core resources
  • Typically do not have space allocated to them within the Centre footprint
  • Are invited to attend Centre event

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